Soprano Laser Prices Wimbledon

Laser hair removal prices are hard to quote over the internet but for people only wanting to get an idea about average costs price can be seen below. 

Please remember prices differ depending on the condition of your hair growth although rarely do the prices quoted go up. If you are concerned about afforability we offer monthly re-payment plans without any extra cost so you can start straight away and pay off monthly. Click here to read more about monthly repayment.

Why do prices differ?

The colour and thickness of your hairs are a big factor, but the size of the area that needs you want treated is also important i.e. Often people inquire about face and only need an upper lip or chin. 

Pricing over the internet can be confusing, so we offer a FREE patch test which allows you to see the clinic, meet your practitioner, feel the laser and get a written quote for our Soprano laser.