The Unparalleled effect of this device for both anti-ageing and body sculpting is why it has won award after award for its effectiveness. The Exilis Ultra 360 is the latest instalment to the BTL range of machines which adds more power and effectiveness to the anti-ageing and body sculpting heads.

If you are keen to get rid of your wrinkles, tighten the skin or contour your face try BTL Exilis Ultra 360 as it offers a safe and non-invasive solution to all your face and body concerns. 

powerful stimulation of collogen without invasive sugery


The special wand produces a target stimulation of the skin's collagen, it slowly warms the collagen fibre to create a delicate regrowth stimulus. This stimulus slowly and naturally energises collagen to reflect the age you should look.

Exilis ultra 360 On Face - Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics

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How Does Exilis Ultra 360 Work

The Exilis Ultra 360 we use at the Aesthetics department at the Wimbledon Clinic has three-phase of working as it stimulates your collagen tightening.

before, skin collagen matrix, Exilis Ultra 360 treatment at wimbledon clinic aesthetics

Before Exilis Ultra 360

Weak shabby bonds within your skins collagen weave
how the exilis ultra treatment stimulates the skin at the wimbledon clinic aesthetics department London

During Exilis Ultra 360

Stimulation from the Exilis Ultra 360 facial sensor wakes up metabolism in the collagen matrix igniting regrowth and starts a cycle of skin tightening
exilis ultra 360 skin stimulation and anti-aging effect  on collagen - wimbledon clinic aesthetics

After Exilis Ultra 360

EXILIS ULTRA 360 treatment generates deep tissue and skin improvement.

Exilis Ultra 360 Works with  a special targeted heating method which is combined with cooling and energy extraction.

The scientific name for the facial component for the Exilis Ultra 360 is known as a unipolar radiofrequency technology.

This utilisation of specialised and tuned radio waves allows targeted micro shake of the collagen fibre to create a deep healing response without damage.

The sensation is warm with a mild hum or vibration; Some feel this hum, but many feel the warmth.

Of course, being part of the BTL group, this Exilis Ultra technology is riddled with extra improvements which always produce the added touch. This is often in the efficiency of the treatment but also often in comfort.

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