X-Meso, Mesotherapy in Wimbledon

The Problem

As you will know many cosmetics use natural ingredients that stimulate repair and growth of the skin. Whether we are talking about hair growth, acne or skin vitality, the elements that work are all well known. 

These ingredients present in creams and serums, are still correct but don't penetrate the skin in significant quantities. This diminished supply means the "wow" effect of near instant rejuvenation is hard to find. 

The old solution was to get injections of these nutrients beneath the skin. However, inconsistent results followed because the practitioner had no way of choosing depth penetration, deposit spacing, and quantities. 

Nevertheless bypassing the skin barrier worked well, if only these issues could be solved?

The solution, 

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X-Mesotherapy allows delivery of nutrients underneath the skin barrier using microneedles that only penetrate to a shallow depth. 

In conjunction with the micro-needling, the deposits of nutrients are controlled by a nutrient seeder called the Pistor 5. The accuracy of the Pistor 5 reduces human oversight for the therapy.

The Pistor 5

 The Pistor 5 an electronic tool which delivers a set dose of nutrient formula at set distances creating robotic precision and safety with ultimate comfort. 

The formulation used in each mesotherapy is different and will be chosen depending on your problem. At Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics we use four main formulas. 

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