Vanquish ME & Acoustic Wave Therapy: a match made in heaven

Vanquish ME & Acoustic Wave Therapy: a match made in heaven

Stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite can be tricky to combat. However, there’s a dynamic duo of non-surgical cosmetic treatments on the scene, promising to have you feeling your best this summer and breaking sexy free. They are the combination of Vanquish ME and Acoustic Wave Therapy.

What is Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME is an exciting body sculpting procedure that has won multiple awards thanks to its fantastic results. A winged device is placed on the body that carefully targets fat cells and heats them up to destroy them. The device is much larger than most other non-surgical fat killing products, so can cover a large area at once. For example, a 5’7” tall person could have their whole abdomen covered at once in a single session. Whilst treatment can feel a little warm, it is not painful.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is the Louise to the Vanquish ME’s Thelma. Amazingly, the concept for this incredibly effective cellulite treatment was discovered by accident over 60 years ago. Over the next six decades, as technology developed and research increased, the outcome is a proven non-invasive solution to cellulite that visibly tightens the skin. During the process, acoustic waves create severe vibrations to penetrate through the layers of the dermis to destroy any hardened tissue, which causes cellulite to appear. The process is more relaxing than other non-surgical procedures, performed in a similar setting to a massage.

Why combine Vanquish ME and Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Fatty deposits and cellulite go hand in hand, so when used together, these two treatments result in an effective solution to any unwanted lumps and bumps. Vanquish ME helps to destroy fatty cells and Acoustic Wave Therapy’s strong vibrations help to enhance microcirculation and oxygen supply to help aid the removal of any existing fluid. The utilisation of Acoustic Wave Therapy after a Vanquish ME treatment can result in longer lasting results and smoother, slimmer skin. Both of these treatments are suitable for all ages, meaning more toned thighs, stomachs and arms are waiting for you.

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